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Susie Qdonate nowSusie Q is a 2-year-old Coonhound mix that TLC pulled from Brandywine Valley SPCA after a fire at their facility in New Castle, Delaware. She’s a pretty typical Coonhound: sweet, incredibly goofy and a total love bug. She’s also a dog at risk for bloat, a condition that can be deadly if not caught quickly, so you can imagine how frightened Susie’s foster mom was when she noticed that Susie’s abdomen was distended and rushed her to Metropolitan Veterinary Associates to get her the care she needs.

Susie is had surgery on July 21st and the vets were able to correct the condition, remove any blockages and undergo gastropexy to help prevent Susie from getting bloat in the future. Susie’s care was initially estimated to cost about $6,000 but there were some complications during her surgery and the estimated costs are now closer to $7,000. If you’d like to help us pay for Susie’s surgery and associated vet care, you can click on the donate button to make a donation and check the box to designate your donation go to a specific fund & then select “Susie’s Surgery” so the money you donate will be used to pay for her vet care. If we raise more money than we need to pay for Susie’s care, any extra money will be used to pay for vet care for other dogs TLC is taking care of.

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Update 7/21/17, 6:00 PM –  Susie is resting post surgery. Her stomach was twisted around her spleen, so her spleen & part of her pancreas were removed during surgery. The next 24-48 hours are critical but her prognosis is good & we’re feeling optimistic.

Update 7/22/17, 12:00 PM  – Susie is being monitored for arrhythmia which is common after this sort of surgery, we’re optimistic that we’ll be able to bring her home soon!

Update 7/24/17, 6:00 PM  – Susie was discharged from the hospital today and is now resting as comfortably as she can in her foster home. The poor baby has 30 staples on her belly and will be stuck in the cone of shame for about 2 weeks but she’s on the road to recovery and that’s what matters most!

Update 8/3/17, 10:00 AM – Susie had a wonderful visit at Metro today. She’s very happy to say that her staples have been removed, she’s healed nicely, and that she is cone-free!

We’d like to thank Dr. Niles and everyone at Metropolitan Veterinary Associates & Emergency Services for being such an amazing veterinary team and taking such great care of our sweet girl!

Update 10/18/17: Susie started the newest chapter of her happy tail and was adopted by an awesome family!






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