License & Vaccination Requirements



Dogs over the age of 3 months must be licensed.  Dog licenses can be obtained through your county treasurer’s office, licensed issuing agent (including many pet stores) or on line.

The annual PA dog license can be ordered online, obtained through the county treasurer’s office or bought at local pet stores/license dealers.

A lifetime dog license can only be obtained through the county treasurer’s office.  In order to obtain a lifetime license for your dog(s), you will need to provide the following 2 forms:

  • Lifetime PA dog license application
  • Permanent identification verification form
    • this form must be provided along with the lifetime license application to verify your dog has permanent identification via microchip or tattoo
    • If you’ve adopted from To Love a Canine Rescue, Inc., we can provide a copy of the signed form at the time of adoption if requested; otherwise, you can have your vet scan your dog to confirm the chip ID and sign the form for you when you take your dog for his/her first vet visit shortly after adoption

Pennsylvania law requires dogs and cats over 3 months of age to have a current rabies vaccination.

New Jersey

Dogs over the age of 7 months must be licensed

  • Dog owners are required to apply to the licensing clerk for their local municipality
  • Dog owners must present proof hat a licensed veterinarian has vaccinated the dog against rabies and that the duration of immunity from that vaccination extends through at least ten months of the twelve-month licensing period
    • An exemption to the rabies inoculation requirement shall be granted if the owner presents written certification from a licensed veterinarian that the dog cannot be vaccinated due to a medical condition or course of therapy


Dogs 6 months & older must be licensed

  • Dog owners must present proof hat a licensed veterinarian has vaccinated the dog against rabies
    • the duration of time that the dog license is valid is based on the expiration date of the rabies vaccination
  • Dog licenses are purchased from your local county
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