Reporting Missing/Found Pets

If you’ve lost your pet you should spread the word as quickly as you can by contacting local vet offices, animal shelters/rescue groups & pet-related businesses in the general geographic area where your pet went missing and provide them with a good quality recent picture of your pet and the following information

  • Pet’s Name
  • Type of animal and Breed
  • Age
  • Approximate size/weight
  • Identifying characteristics (please include a recent picture of your pet)
  • Information on where the pet was last seen (wherever possible please provide close intersection instead of a city or section of town)
  • Information about any behavioral or medical issues that wil help identify your pet and/or ensure it get’s appropriate treatment upon being found
  • Your contact information (name, phone # & email address)

One of the fastest ways to get the word out and create flyers is by reporting the pet missing at LostMyDoggie as they can fax/email the flyer to the local pet-related businesses & organizations local to where the pet went missing. You can also use this service to report finding a pet and be able to create a flyer, etc. to help reunite the pet with it’s family.

You should also share the same information & the flyer on Facebook, which has a large number of pages where you can report your missing pet. Use of a phone # or email address for people who don’t know you to be able to contact you is critical as you may not see messages in Facebook that come from people who are not friends with you on Facebook.


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