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Training Tip Tuesday

Tasha FKA Sugar

Do you avoid distractions?


Why it is important to educate your dog to have the correct manners and behaviors? Many of us consider our dogs to be members of our family. In many ways, they are. We form a special bond with dogs that few other animals share. Learning how to communicate leadership in a way a dog understands is key. The lesson for dog owners is to take control by communicating leadership – and to do so consistently.




Is your Dog Reactive or Aggressive?

Personal space is an important element in human society. There are unwritten rules – not speaking to someone inches from their face, not jumping into someone’s car without asking first because you need a ride, or even entering a person’s home you don’t know to use their bathroom. A common-sense respect for personal space boundaries makes people feel more comfortable.

It is the same in the dog – dog world. Each dog and owner on a walk has their own personal space boundaries. When most people are walking their dog, it should be to walk their dog, not to visit every other dog in the neighborhood.

Now think of personal space as your dog may – you are walking on the trail, minding your business, and another person comes running up to you and starts jumping on you and grabbing at you. You go to leave and the other person chases after you. You would most likely yell and push that person away. When you have a dog that is in need of personal space, your dog will bark and growl and may even lunge to get the other dog away. It does not mean your dog is aggressive, but he is reacting to the other dog.




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