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TLC hopes to be a resource for our community. Our goal is to help educate & inform current and potential dog owners by providing training tips, as well as other information, to help keep your dog & family safe & healthy.

Training Tip Tuesday

How Strict Should You Be With Your Rules for Your Dog?

I was recently on a follow up lesson with a client to make sure the owners and their dog were doing well with the training exercises. We reviewed their wish list of behaviors they had wanted to work on when training began. During the discussion my clients asked me how strict do they need to be with the enforcing the rules now that their dog knew the rules and followed them most of the time. They were happy that their dog had become a well behaved dog, but they wanted to make sure he was still having fun.


Margie in yardOne behavior their dog was doing was running back and forth at the fence whenever someone walked past. He was not barking or acting aggressive. In fact, his tail was wagging, his body language was relaxed, and he seemed to enjoy the behavior. If the owners called him to them, he would stop and come right to them. The owners wanted to know if it was OK to let their dog do this.


This is a question that I get often. If you are following the rules of good dog training, then you are being consistent with the rules that you have set in place for your dog. Everyone gets dogs for different reasons. Everyone wants something different from their dog, and everyone has different things that might bother them or not. Some people want a goofy dog and others a perfectly well-behaved dog. Others want a dog for companionship to hang out with and others to share our time and play with. All of these things are possible, based on the individual needs of the owner.



Fire Safety Tips

National Fire Prevention Week is October 8 -14, 2017


Back-To-School Quiz about Dogs

Are your kids walking or riding their bikes to school? Do they play in the neighborhood and encounter dogs? With more than 4.7 million people being bitten by dogs each year, it’s important that your children know what to do when they encounter unfamiliar dogs. Give them this quiz to keep them safe.




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