Jun 292015

We know there are still people in the area that were affected by this week-end’s storms who need to use bottled water. Even though local stores are reporting having pulled affected bottles of water from their shelves, it seems that there may still be gallon jugs of the contaminated water on the shelves.

At least one person has reported their dogs getting sick after drinking water from gallon jugs stamped with the dates mentioned in this recall – that person notified the store (Wegman’s) of the issue as she had bought gallon jugs of water from them and they realized they had not pulled these affected bottles from the shelves. IF YOU MUST PURCHASE BOTTLED WATER, PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK THE DATES/LOT # s OF THE WATER YOU BUY.

This recall only relates to spring water produced in Niagara Bottling’s Pennsylvania manufacturing facilities from June 10-18th, 2015.  It does not relate to any purified water or any spring water produced outside of Pennsylvania or outside the June 10-18th, 2015 timeframe.


Acadia Spring Water
Acme Spring Water
Big Y Spring Water
Best Yet Spring Water
7-11 Spring Water
Niagara Spring Water
Nature’s Place Spring Water
Pricerite Spring Water
Superchill Spring Water
Morning Fresh Spring Water
Shaws Spring Water
Shoprite Spring Water
Western Beef Blue Spring Water
Wegmans Spring Water


These Best By Dates apply ONLY to Wegmans branded product.

A1 BEST BY 13JUN2016
A3 BEST BY 10JUN2016
A3 BEST BY 15JUN2016
A3 BEST BY 16JUN2016
A4 BEST BY 15JUN2016
A4 BEST BY 16JUN2016

for more info: http://www.niagarawater.com/consumer-notice/

 June 29, 2015  News

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