Nov 172015
Nicole reviewing CPR

Nicole reviewing CPR

We’d like to thank Nicole Thomas, Emergency Service Nurse and Shift Coordinator at Metropolitan Emergency Service for coming out to teach Pet First Aid & CPR to our volunteers. It was an incredibly informative class covering:

  • Assessing vital signs
  • Managing breathing and cardiac emergencies in your pet – determining when CPR is necessary & performing CPR
  • First Aid Guide and Emergency Treatment Instruction

In addition to reviewing First Aid & CPR, starter pet First Aid kits were also provided. We highly recommend that dog/cat owners consider taking a class like this. Metro does offer this course at their offices free of charge so if you’re local, keep an eye on the news & events section of their website so you can register for the next offering.

We all know that time is critical in an emergency situation so please consider bookmarking the Emergency Resources & Disaster Preparedness section of our website. This section contains information and phone/direction links to some of the local area emergency vet services, pet poison hotline, and other services, and may help save you some time so you don’t have to look them up in the event you need the information quickly.


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  4 Responses to “Pet First Aid & CPR Class”

  1. Hi I’m interested in doing a Cpr FIRST Aid Course I just wondered where you were located?
    Yours Sincerely Tara Hemmings

  2. I am interested in your pet cpr class, can you tell me when your next class and what it covers?

    Length of course and cost. Looking for one that also covers administering medication.


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