Feb 182017

We met To Love a Canine Rescue, Inc (TLC) at the Goshen fair in July/August 2014. The dog/animal lover I am I immediately saw puppies and ran over to their area! Friends of ours adopted a TLC dog they met at the fair and since our first rescue, Bella, was getting older, we knew it was time to start thinking about adopting another dog for her – and us. I kept going to the fair that week to see more puppies, and then we ran into a family friend who told us about the foster program with TLC. It made us start to think that maybe fostering was something we could do because we have a lot of love to give and these puppies/dogs just needed a place to call home until they find their forever homes.

We started fostering in August of 2014. We know what people mean when they say they could never foster a dog without keeping it because we were really tempted to adopt our first foster puppy but decided to let her go to another loving family so we could continue fostering. To be honest, it was an extremely hard decision, however, everything happens for a reason. If we had adopted Coral we would have taken a break from fostering and never adopted Wilma, a foster that truly was perfect for our family! We have fostered many puppies and dogs with each of them teaching us something different about ourselves, or our own dogs! It has been the most rewarding experience to be a part of these dogs lives when they truly needed a loving place to stay until their perfect family could find them. We are at that the point that when we don’t have a house full of puppies we go through “foster withdrawal” because we love having all of them in our home. The foster dogs usually come in not knowing what it’s like to live in a house or be loved, but they always leave better prepared for their new life thanks to my son and our two dogs, who have all benefited greatly from the experience of fostering dogs.

Our fosters may leave our house, but they never leave our hearts. We are so thankful to have found such an amazing group in TLC and so happy that we could help each dog that has entered into home on their journey to find home

-Noelle F, TLC foster mom




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