Jun 112017

Earlier today my foster dad took me to see the vet at Metro. No more cone! Yes! When we got into the room Doctor Nannos took me back to another room where some people took some pictures of my legs that he kept calling ‘x-rays’. When we came back into the first room with my foster dad, the doctor told him that my front leg looks really good! My dad explained for me that I haven’t really been using my back leg too much (it’s kinda uncomfortable to use). After looking at the x-ray pictures, the doctor said that I may have bone spurs in my back hip. I don’t really know what those are but they don’t sound good. Doctor Nannos told my dad that he can’t be quite sure at this point in my healing process if they are or are not in fact bone spurs. I hope they aren’t.

Doctor Nannos said that I should continue to do the underwater walking for 8 weeks, which is fine with me because I get hot dogs when I go there and a lot of attention. I have water walking tomorrow afternoon, so I’m excited for that! I’m allowed to walk up and down the stairs now but I much prefer to be carried by my foster mom and dad. I’m a little sad that I’m not allowed to play with my foster sister yet. She’s a little rough anyway so maybe that’s a good thing that I stay away from her. I do enjoy just lounging on the couch sometimes. Speaking of, I think I’ll go take a little nap now.


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