Mar 242017
Lisa & Duke


Most likely, anyone who has ever rescued a dog will tell you that it was, in fact, the dog who rescued them! I’ve known this to be true through childhood, with family dogs, and in adulthood with the dogs I’ve adopted.
With that in mind, I found myself in need of rescue! My yellow Lab, Emma and my hound dog mix, Tucker, had crossed the rainbow bridge within 1.5 years of each other. I had downsized, and could no longer offer a big yard for big dogs. A friend of mine was fostering a puppy for To Love a Canine Rescue (TLC) and suggested I explore the option of fostering. It seemed the perfect remedy for being dog deprived, and it suited my circumstances. I wasn’t working and didn’t know if/how my next career opportunity would sync with full time dog ownership. After researching local dog rescue groups, I submitted an application to become a foster for TLC. Upon my approval, I attended a foster orientation class & became acquainted with many like-minded dog lovers. Best of all, I began to foster puppies who would otherwise have been euthanized in high kill shelters. And so it continues, one puppy after another has passed through my home on their way to furever families!
Now I call many in the TLC foster network my friends. I’ve learned more dog training techniques from certified dog trainers who volunteer for TLC. I’ve loved countless cuddly puppies and helped transition them to new homes. Any pangs from ‘letting them go’ have been eased by the knowledge that, for each puppy/dog that comes and goes, another can be saved and placed in a loving home. Best of all, I’ve met incredible people who have helped save lives by adopting a dog from TLC!
– Lisa S., TLC foster mom

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