May 282015

11218066_10153470784018394_4161889439751561999_nWe were fortunate to meet with Officer McGuigan and K9 Officer Flynn of the Limerick Police Department, as well as Officer Smith and K9 Officer Brox of the North Coventry Police Department. We learned each dog is trained for a specific purpose and we were fortunate to see both dogs do a few exercises in searches. We also got to see Flynn and Brox apprehend a potential criminal.

Officer Flynn is a beautiful black German Shepherd from the Czech Republic. Flynn is specifically trained as an explosives-detection dog. He works hard on his shifts then goes home with his partner, Officer McGuigan, and his family and two other canine friends. Officers McGuigan and Flynn were called away during the presentation to work a case which just shows how busy they truly are.

Officer Brox is a Belgian Malinois/Shepherd mix. Brox was imported from Czechoslovakia specifically to be a police dog. We learned Brox works very hard throughout the day and lives with Officer Smith and his family, along with another canine friend at home. Officer Brox is specifically trained in identifying certain types of drugs.

Officers Smith and Brox and Officers McGuigan and Flynn continue to train several times a month so they are fully prepared whenever they are needed. We thoroughly appreciated the time they spent with us last night explaining the lives and jobs of K9 police units. This presentation made us realize how much we take our law enforcement officers, both human and K9, for granted; they do an amazing job protecting us on a daily basis!

 May 28, 2015  Education, Mini Paws

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