Jun 262017

So, it’s been 8 weeks since I came here for those scary surgeries.  Today, I had an entourage with me, too!  Both my foster mom and dad came, and two other ladies from TLC came as well.  They’re nice ladies who told me how big I’m getting and how handsome I am, so they’re obviously very smart & observant people. 

Doc said everything looked good! That was after I hid from him under two different chairs and a few people.  He pulled on my legs and stuff and it was weird.  I was more afraid he was going to do something else to me again.  My foster mom & dad, and the two ladies were very happy to hear that the doctor didn’t suspect those bone spur things were hurting me at all & that there was no need to do anything about them now.  I don’t really know what the big deal is about anyway, but if they’re happy, then I guess I’m happy.  Doc said something about wanting me to go up and down hills and he really emphasized swimming.  He said that the swimming would be really good for me.

In other news – Physical Therapy is going great!  I just love it there.  I go right into my tank and let it fill up with warm water and then I stand, sit or lay down for a little bit.  The worst part is when they make me walk – ugh.  I’m up to almost 20 minutes!  It’s getting exhausting.  BUT, the best part is when the walking is over and I get my massage.  The nice pool lady lays down a towel for me and then she rubs me all over with another towel! It feels sooo good.  I never want to leave my massage time.  Everyone is always laughing and giggling when I get my massage but I just ignore them and relax.  



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