Jul 192017
Max in the sun

I’ve been so busy being an actual puppy lately that I have been neglecting my diary! (My foster mom and dad keep saying that I’ve been more like a ‘normal’ puppy in the last few weeks – whatever that means). Maybe they are referring to the new nickname I’ve earned at physical therapy. In the beginning of physical therapy, the nice ladies would call me ‘Maxy Moo’. Last week they started call me ‘Mad Max’ – hey, as long as they keep giving me those massages after I walk underwater, they can call me whatever they want. The ladies have also been saying that I am walking so well under water. My foster parents have also been taking me on a lot more walks and adventures. I even had some of my dog friends come over last week and we ran around the yard! It felt so good to be able to run real fast and not have to hold any of my legs up! Holding my legs up used to slow me down so much when I wanted to play and run.



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  1. You are an amazing puppy, Max (no matter what your nickname du jour)! p.s. your typing skills are also amazing.

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