Mar 092018

On September 22, 2017 I met the most amazing, fabulous dog named Daisy. I met her through To Love a Canine Rescue (TLC). My boyfriend, Joey, and I instantly fell in love. She was a unique little lady with a killer personality. We adopted her and the rest is history.

Through this adoption, I realized what a wonderful organization TLC is. They were easy to work with, kind, and wanted to do their very best to find the right dog for us. The effort they put into their rescue process from beginning to end is astounding and different from many of the rescue organizations that exist today. I decided shortly after adopting Daisy that I wanted to volunteer with TLC.

Upon starting my journey of volunteering, I joined the applications team as an adoption counselor, but I wanted to do more. I have helped out at meet & greets, transports and most recently, signed up to help with the Raffles for Ruffs fundraiser in May. Volunteering is already rewarding, but volunteering with an organization like TLC is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It gives you the opportunity to be a part of not just one, but many heartwarming stories and part of a family of amazing people who are all working towards the same goal; getting as many dogs as possible out of shelters and into loving homes. Each application processed, each transport completed and each meet & greet attended gives you the chance to help a dog find the perfect family. TLC relies on its foster families to help keep these dogs safe until their perfect families are found. 

Although I wish I could foster, I am extremely glad that I can help out in other capacities. I am incredibly thankful each and every day that passes to be a part of a rescue organization like TLC. Volunteering for TLC doesn’t feel like work at all, it just feels like something I am supposed to be doing.

– Jasmine L., TLC volunteer


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