Dec 252017

Jack is a 9-year-old Lab-Bully mix who was a loving family dog that lived with another dog & 4 cats, and happily played with children until addiction took its toll on his parents After his dad died, his mom lost the remaining coping skills she had so the neighbors stepped in to help him find rescue with To Love a Canine (TLC). Jack was vetted up to date and placed with one of our fabulous foster homes while waiting for someone to notice what an awesome dog he is and adopt him. We knew it would take longer for Jack to find a family because not only is he senior dog, but he’s also a “pit bull” and many people passed over this sweet, gentle & well-mannered pup solely due to those reasons.

Jack's letter to Santa

Jack’s letter to Santa

As we headed into the holidays, Jack decided to take matters into his own paws and write a letter to Santa that resulted in TLC’s 2000th adoption and an awful lot of happy tears


We wish you a Furry Christmas and hope your day is filled with as much joy as Jack and his furever family are having!





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