Feb 082018

At TLC, we believe that every animal deserves the right to put paw prints on somebody’s heart. You can see that philosophy in action in how we work to find homes for our adoptables, and our joy when we get pupdates from our alumni. One thing we don’t usually share with the public are stories about the dogs with very special needs who never leave our care, instead remaining in sanctuary or hospice care with furever foster.  One of those very special dogs, a sweet  Maltese named Sophie, journeyed over the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. Sophie only had 2 years in this world thanks to breeders who cared only about profit. We know at this point you’re all probably thinking she came from a puppy mill but, in truth, Sophie was sold by one so-called “reputable” breeder to another for the expressed purpose to breeding more Maltese & Malti-Poos despite the fact she was in Congestive Heart Failure. Sophie was only released to us because she wasn’t worth anything if she couldn’t produce endless litters and giving her even basic care would eat into profits. You see, even when a dog isn’t kept in a small rabbit hutch outside as they are at a puppy mill, there are “legitimate” breeders that also refuse to vet their animals properly, over breed their animals and don’t practice good animal husbandry required to ensure resulting litters are healthy.


Sophie came to us last November and, knowing she was ill, we quickly took her to the vet for a cardiology consult. The news was worse than we’d expected but when we took custody of her, we promised her that her life would be full of nothing but love from that point on. Sophie received the best medical care, was much loved by her foster family and even got a couple of fun days down the shore during her much too brief time with us. This little girl left her mark on all of our hearts and the loss we feel will be channeled into honoring her the best way we can: by continue to rescue as many dogs as we can




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