Dec 232016

It’s with heavy hearts that we had to say a real goodbye to our Princess Leia on December 23, 2016. Leia came to us, along with her sister Shade, with high hopes of a happy tail after the death of their dad. While Shade was happy, healthy and able to find the perfect furever home, we noticed that Leia seemed to be having some trouble getting around. A visit to the vet gave us the heart breaking news that this sweet Golden Retriever has an inoperable tumor. Since she still seemed happy and had a good quality of life, she stayed in hospice with her wonderful foster family who gave her a lifetime’s worth of love. According to her foster mom:

She was the sweetest dog, affectionate and goofy. The moment we got home, she found her spot on the couch and she was home, and made sure we were all aware that if we were in the room–we better be petting her or we would hear about it. Princess Leia was a blessing to our family and the most wonderful gift. As much as I wish we had more time with her, I know our greatest gift to her was letting her run to that bridge to her owner she lost.

While this isn’t the way we like to say “goodbye” to our dogs, we can rest well knowing she’s now running freely & without pain on the other side of the rainbow bridge, and that she knows she was loved.

We’d like to thank the Huss family for all they did to make Leia’s last weeks ones full of joy. It takes a very special family to take on a hospice case and we know she appreciated you opening your hearts & home to her as much as we do.





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