Mini Paws Junior Volunteers

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Mini Paws, our program for boys & girls 4-18, is designed to train our junior volunteers in proper animal care and instill a love of community service. Through monthly meetings our Mini Paws are educated about responsible pet ownership by learning the importance of proper veterinary care, grooming & dog handling. They’re also given the skills to feel confident in public speaking, the opportunity to participate in peer-to-peer educational programs, and encouraged put their new found leadership skills to use by developing and/or leading community projects of their own. Some of them even foster our available dogs in their own homes.  In addition to fundraising for our own rescue, they also work to help raise funds for other charities and organizations.  They are an amazing group of young ladies and gentlemen!

If there's a child in your family interested in a fun volunteering opportunity, please consider submitting a volunteer application.


Mini Paws Program Overview

Mini Paws In Action

Mini Paws At Transport
Mini Paws getting ready to meet Cinnamon, the first dog they saved through the Saving Southern Souls project

K9 Cops
Presentation by K9 Police handlers

Meet Me At The Car Wash
Mini Paws first fundraiser for Saving Southern Souls

Kong Stuffing Party
Mini Paws got together to make stuffed kongs

Meet & Greets
Older Mini Paws often help out when TLC is at community events & at meet & greets

Supporting Foster Families
Mini Paws help put foster care packages together

Box Car Derby
Katie Aaronson showed her TLC pride manning the Railroad Street Bar & Grill sponsored TLC car

Paw Power
Maddie DiRocco put together her own project to raise funds to help one of the shelters we pull our dogs from

Meet Me At The Carwash
MP put the FUN in fundraising and their carwash at Bruster's in Limerick was no exception

A critical part of the Mini Paws program is training so they understand dog body language, safe dog handling, etc.

Mini Paws can take field trips to meet transport to learn more about the "underground tailroad" & freedom ride

Mini Paws News

Sebastian & Anne

Mini Paws Learn About Service & Therapy Dogs

At the April Mini Paws meeting, the kids learned about service & therapy dogs. We’re lucky that we have two volunteers within our own organization to present to us and explain how some of our own TLC alumni have gone on to be certified to do these important jobs. Since so many people don’t know the difference between a service dog and a therapy dog or emotional support dog, our presenters explained that a service dog is trained to do specific tasks to assist their person which is why they are permitted to go anywhere with them under the Americans With Disabilities Act.



Mini Paws Send Donations For United States War Dogs Association

The March Mini Paws March meeting was both educational and philanthropic. K9 soldiers don’t get a lot of publicity, so we thought it was not only important for the kids to learn how they protect us and the history of military working dogs, but to also do something to help them as well.  We also learned a little about how dogs are identified and chosen for their jobs, and a little about the combat training they receive.

sorting & packing up the donations

sorting & packing up the donations

Our junior volunteers also spent the past month collecting donations for the United States War Dogs Association, Inc., a nonprofit organization committed to promoting the long history of the Military Service Dogs, establishing permanent War Dog Memorials, and educating the public about the invaluable service of these canines to our country. After the presentation, the kids packed up 7 boxes of supplies & goodies they’d collected to send to our military working dogs and their handlers. They actually had so many items, they ran out of boxes and will need to get together again to pack up the rest of the donation to ship out soon.

Thanks to all our Mini Paws in attendance and to other families who contributed to this great cause. 




Mini Paws Visit To Sunrise Senior Living

File this under “better late than never” One of the fun traditions TLC Mini Paws junior volunteers have is a Christmas visit to Sunrise Senior Living in Exton. The kid bring Christmas stockings for the residents, bring a few dogs and sing some carols. Unfortunately, their December visit ended up being canceled due to the weather and their visit had to be delayed until after the holidays. Of course, as much as the residents enjoy the caroling & the kids, what they really love the best about these visits is the quality cuddle time they get with the pups, and since Trixie & Darla were happy to join in the fun, the residents didn’t mind the delay at all.




Mini Paws present to Lil’ Shamrocks and Shamrock Adventures Camp

shamrock adventures lil shamrocks camp presentationTLC Mini Paws, Gabriel, Mason, Sebastian, Ryan, Cassidy, and Devon went to Shamrock Adventures Camp to speak to their campers and 20, preschool/kindergarten aged, “Lil Shamrocks” on Friday, July 8th. We were very happy with the warm welcome we got from the campers, and our Mini Paws really enjoyed being able to explain what it means to be a responsible pet owner, how to behave around dogs and, of course, what animal rescue is all about.


Louise enjoys relaxing in the sun

Saving Southern Souls 2016

TLC’s Mini Paws Junior Volunteers are at it again! This is the third year for the Saving Southern Souls program in which they help an at-risk dog rescued from a southern shelter.

Louise with her newborn pups

Louise with her newborn pups

This time around, the kids have chosen to sponsor a 3-4 year-old, pregnant, Shepherd-Lab mix named Louise. Louise was transported to TLC last February and gave birth to 9 beautiful puppies en route. While all of Louise’s pups have started their happily ever afters with wonderful furever families, Louise has some medical issues to be addressed before she is ready for adoption herself.

Louise has Heartworm which is a mosquito-born disease that is easily prevented with monthly preventatives. While Heartworm preventatives are easy to give (dogs think they’re treats) and inexpensive, treatment for Heartworm is expensive and takes a months of care. The cost to treat Louise’s Heartworm is in excess of $1,000. Raising Aid For Dogs At Risk (RADAR) has, generously, pledged to donate $250 of that cost but we still need to raise the rest.


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