May 152015

Last night, TLC was proud to stand with our friends at Finding Shelter, MaPaw & MLAR to attend the Philadelphia premier of the documentary Dog By Dog.  Like Madonna of the Mills,  Dog By Dog exposes the overt cruelty of the puppy mill industry in the US, but DBD focuses a bit more on the impediments to change coming from Agribusiness and political conflicts of interest. This documentary is a must see for animal lovers and illustrates, with facts, how the will of voters on the subject of animal welfare has actively been undermined and how people are actively & intentionally being mislead by puppy mills, dog brokers & the pet stores who sell puppies. 

While the documentary is not yet in wide distribution, the producers do have plans to make the film available to the general public with additional screenings and through other avenues.  We’re also happy to report that director Chris Grimes let us know that they will be working on a special cut of the film for children.  We will let you know where you can see this important documentary as we receive updates.


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