Aug 252017
Max & family


I woke up this morning and the first thing my foster mom and dad said to me was ‘Happy Birthday Max!’ I’m not exactly sure what that means but they were really excited so I got really excited. All morning, my foster parents kept telling me that they had a big surprise for me later for my ‘birthday’. When they both got home from work, we went through our normal routine. THEN, my foster mom put this awful bandana around my neck and took pictures of me. Shortly after, we all got into the car, even my foster sister, Heina.

We drove all the way to To Love a Canine’s Adoption Center, where I have been 100 times. We walked through the doors of the center like we would any other time and suddenly my foster parents said, “SURPRISE! Max, we are making you an official part of this family and adopting you!” and just like that, my foster parents, I guess I should say my parents, started signing paperwork. All I could think was ‘Wow – it’s finally happening! I’m actually being adopted!’ What a relief that I will be living the rest of my life with the family who saw me through some of my worst days. I don’t really think that I would have been able to live without Heina. She’s become my best friend over the last few months!




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