Happy Tails

TLC’s mission is to make the right connection between dog and family in order to give our dogs their final, joyful, loving home.  When you adopt from TLC, you become a member of our extended family so the only thing that makes us happier than when a new family celebrates their “gotcha” day, is getting updates to let us know how well our new families have settled in.

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Week-End Update: Kismet

Making sure that dogs and families are a great, mutual, match for one another is something we at TLC work hard to accomplish. We know that some times, it just seems to take a while to find just the right family and, some times, people who thought one dog would be the one realize that someone else is actually the best match. When things are meant to be, they’re just meant to be and this week’s adoption featured a lot of that “yup, this was worth the wait” moments.

Our little Jedi master, Tink, waited patiently for the right family to come along and the worth was definitely worth it! Chico II also hung around a little longer than we expected but, once he met his new family, it became clear that the universe was doing him a solid for being so patient.  Some things are just mean to be. The Chihuahua mixes weren’t the only lucky pups celebrating gotcha days this week: Cilantro (now Charlie), Diana (now Luna Tonks), Gabbana (now Faith – the last of Guess’s pups), Otis, Penny, Shayna & Sheba (now Pippin) were adopted this week, as was Anna Lee’s pup, Chewy.

Two of the pups already have TLC alumni family connections: Diana’s new big sister is Mady FKA Tamber of the Ta litter from March/April 2014 & Sheba’s new cousin is TLC alumn Samwise FKA Wrangler.



Week-End Update: Mother’s Day 2017 Edition

Let’s start this post out with a Happy Mother’s Day to everyone who has ever been a mom, regardless of whether their babies have been human or other animal. This should be a day of fond reflection for all moms, everyone who’s been lucky enough to have a great mom and those of us who miss our mothers dearly. It’s been a great week for the mother’s among us as 3 of our mommas were adopted this week: Guess (mom to the designer litter), Samantha (mom to Sammy & Kitt FKA Sarah) & Anna Lee all found the perfect place to call home. Guess’s pup Valentino (now Ricky) is in heaven being part of a family with a lot of kids! Mae’s (now Minka) foster family realized she fit in just perfectly and decided to make it permanent so we’re pretty sure she’ll crop up in some pics & videos with future foster pups. Cherry, Kellsie, Sookie, Sydney, Terk (now Chip) & Wolf also found the perfect families for them!



Week-End Update: Malvern Merriment

We had a pretty busy week-end in Malvern and, despite the cold & the rain, it was a magnificent one overall. Our Raffles For Ruffs Fundraiser at Twenty9 Restaurant & Bar was a huge success! It really was a fun night, the food was great, the prizes were awesome (Chuck, we really do expect a picture of you in those Chihuahua leggings!) and the pics from the photobooth – well, some of them were questionable and very funny. We didn’t have any time to recover to post pics, etc. from the night yet because it was off to Malvern Blooms this morning. It says a lot about what a great community event Malvern Blooms is when there’s still a huge crowd on such a cold & rainy day. Thanks for everyone who stopped by to spend some time with the pups & chat with us, and came out to support the local community.

It was also a great week adoptions too. Legend’s new family met him at the Yellow Springs Art Show last Sunday and it was a love connection. They couldn’t have been more excited and ready to take the plunge when we approved their application, so we know it will be a happily ever after. Legend’s brother Icon, now Fenway, also made a love match to celebrate gotcha day this week. A few more of Guess’s pups were adopted: Prada, Versace & Kors – who was adopted along with McCall! Rocket, now Greyson, Robert and Kasie were also adopted this week.


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