Happy Tails

TLC’s mission is to make the right connection between dog and family in order to give our dogs their final, joyful, loving home.  When you adopt from TLC, you become a member of our extended family so the only thing that makes us happier than when a new family celebrates their “gotcha” day, is getting updates to let us know how well our new families have settled in.

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Spuddy now Jax

Week-End Update: The Pyr-fect Family

At TLC, our goal’s to not just find a home for our dogs but to make the best all-around match between the dog and our adopters. Sometimes, we’re sure an applicant would be a great pet parent but not the right fit for the dog they’ve applied for and, sometimes, the adopter is just the pyr-fect fit. Luckily our Great Pyrenees pup Spuddy, found a fabulous family that already includes a brother who looks just like him (and a bunch of kids too)!

He’s not the only one the matchmaker worked her magic on this week as Brooke & Dayla were also adopted this week.



Week-End Update: Spring Forward

We may have remembered to set our clocks forward an hour the week-end, but we didn’t enjoy it. It’s a good thing the dogs keep us smiling because coffee wasn’t really doing the trick by itself. Our little man Chico also met his match – his new parents are already kvelling over him and how happy they are.

Mr Parker is making an awesome recovery after his FHO surgery so he decided to add a gotcha day to his reasons to celebrate.

Also adopted this week were Benson, Midnight, Opie (now Odin), Paul (now Beasley), Walter & Wayla (now Charlie)


Jacey now Amelia

Week-End Update: Welcome March

Hard to believe that March is already here, but the weather at least seems to be normal-ish for this time of year. We had a really nice week that included participating in “stress-free Friday” at Henderson High School in West Chester. Chico, Sugar, Walter & Wayla had a great time helping the students – and staff – unwind from a busy week and get ready for the week-end. We hope the folks at the school had a nice a time as we did.

This was a good week for the senior, special-needs pups as both Darla & Rex made it official with their respective families. You may recognize some familiar faces in Jacey’s first family photo, since the handsome Aussie next to her is Ozzy FKA Kellen. We hear she may be changing her name to Amelia . . . or not (we’re not 100% that decision is final).

Also adopted this week were Peaches, Rocky (now Taz), Sugar & Ziva!


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