Happy Tails

TLC’s mission is to make the right connection between dog and family in order to give our dogs their final, joyful, loving home.  When you adopt from TLC, you become a member of our extended family so the only thing that makes us happier than when a new family celebrates their “gotcha” day, is getting updates to let us know how well our new families have settled in.

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Week-End Update: Didn’t February Used To Be Winter?

Far be it from us to complain about lovely Spring weather, it was so nice being able to take the dogs for longer walks and have our meet & greet outside, but it is kinda weird to be able to do it in the middle of February!

We hope you had as great a week as we did. In addition to spending some quality time with the pups, we also locked in dates & locations for our Raffles For Ruffs event, which will be held at Twenty9 on May 6th, & our 3rd annual Miles For Mutts, which is now scheduled on October 1st at Warwick Park. We also celebrated a few gotcha days because Jasper, June & Wanda were adopted this week!


We also have some pupdates to share with you:


Gracie FKA Lacey w/Max

Week-End Update: Not So Stormy Weather

Well, the HUGE snowstorm that was supposed to hit us this week was quite a bit smaller than expected but at least there was enough snow for the pups to have some fun playing in & some extra time with the kids who didn’t have to go to school.

This week, we got a visit from TLC alum Gracie FKA Lacey who came looking for the perfect pup to be her partner in crime. She chose our sweet Lab mix Max to join the family. Long timer Jon Jon also finally met his perfect match, was did Goldie & Jolie (mom to our “Chipmunk” litter).




Week-End Update: Better Than The Puppy Bowl

We knew it was going to be a great day when the morning started off with our girl Rachel making a love connection with her new dads, and we were right. In preparation for the Super Bowl, we spent the morning/early afternoon watching the Puppy Bowl at the wonderful Maddie’s Castle in Phoenixville. We met a lot of nice people, had a great time there and Kayla had the good fortune of catching the eye of some approved adopters who quickly made an appointment & adopted her this afternoon!

Two pups lucked out and were adopted by TLC alumni: Ally was adopted by Tucker FKA Harlan & Tonka was adopted by Oakely! Benson (now Murphy), Bodie, Gunner, Lois & Nova also landed great families and celebrated their gotcha days this week too.



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