Happy Tails

TLC’s mission is to make the right connection between dog and family in order to give our dogs their final, joyful, loving home.  When you adopt from TLC, you become a member of our extended family so the only thing that makes us happier than when a new family celebrates their “gotcha” day, is getting updates to let us know how well our new families have settled in.

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Faith (W/Wesley)

Week-End Update: Smack Dab In the Middle Of Dogust

Can you believe it’s already the middle of August? The summer seems to have flown by so quickly while we’ve been busy rescuing dogs, going to community events and, of course, making matches to start new chapters of happy tails.

Miss Faith’s new parents were very pleasantly surprised that she was still available when they returned from vacation and, after confirming Faith was cat friendly and that TLC alum Wesley liked her, they decided to make it official; BJ, now Carl, decided that he wanted to stay with his foster family and pay it forward by fostering  new dogs; and vacation coverage for Linus’ foster mom ended up introducing him to a kindred spirit who decided to adopt him and change his name to Master Shifu!

Also adopted were Carson, Isabella, Jill (now Sophia), Kaden, Kalliope, Karen, Kylie, Mars, Peaches, Rambo, Rory & Zeke!



Week-End Update: Fairy Tales Can Come True . . .

Sweet Louise has been adopted! Yes, you read that right, after a pre-rescue life story that reads like a soap opera, our wonderful momma Louise finally met her perfect match and we couldn’t be happier for the happy new family.

Louise wasn’t the only Shepherd mix with a sad back story to meet her match as our boy, Eugene, found a great dad this week as well.

Also celebrating adoptions this week were Fargo, Farrah, Ham (now Newman), Jannece, Koba, Sheba (the black lab, not pictured) & Timber.



Week-End Update: The Dogs Days Of Summer

We’re well into the dog days of Summer now and the heat is sapping everyone’s energy, which means the pups are enjoying a lot of nap time dreaming of their happily ever afters. For those of you following the saga of Susie Q, she’s also doing a bit of napping while she recuperates from her emergency surgery but she’s happily being nursed back to health by her loving foster family and is recovering nicely.

Some of our pups were lucky enough to take the next step on their life’s journey and celebrate their very own “gotcha” days with their furever families.  Jo’s new family noticed the huge grin on her face and that she had the sweet & friendly temperament to match and knew she had to be part of their family. Also adopted this week were: Benny, Champ, Chloe, Cole, Jacob, Jana, Jianna (now Minnie), Opal, Pickles & Rosco!


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