Happy Tails

TLC’s mission is to make the right connection between dog and family in order to give our dogs their final, joyful, loving home.  When you adopt from TLC, you become a member of our extended family so the only thing that makes us happier than when a new family celebrates their “gotcha” day, is getting updates to let us know how well our new families have settled in.

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Week-End Update: March Madness

It was a beautiful day to wrap up a busy week-end that started with a great flow at Phileo Method Fitness & ended with pictures with the Easter Bunny. While we were a little disappointed that  our tripawd alumnus Murphy FKA Brad didn’t advance to the sweet 16 in the Petplan Tournament of Tails this week, we were super stoked that another tripawd turned the page to start the next chapter of his happy tail this week as our sweet GSD Duke celebrated his gotcha day!

Also adopted this week were: Ashkii, Blossom, Boone, Burton (now Noden), Cassandra, Christie, Cody, Desmond, Ertz, Gadget, Hammy, Hunter, Luna-Coco, Mikaela, Rhett &  Sebastian!



Week-End Update: Daylight Saving Tails

Well, we may have needed a bigger cup of coffee to adjust to Daylight Saving Time but at least the lost hour didn’t cause any embarrassing snafus in the form of people being late to adoption appointments!

Luke is happy to announce that he not had his wildest fantasy of hearing the words “I am your father” but that having a new dad also means he has a new mom and a sister! A bunch of Mittens’ pups were adopted, including: Beanie (who joins a family with TLC alum Remi FKA Danny), Boots, Flurry, Oakley, Polar & Tundra (who joins a family with TLC alum Molly FKA Nikita).

Also celebrating gotcha days were: Benji, Daisy, Dianna, Dream, Hercules, James, Sweetheart & Tia!


Brad Pupsley now Murphy

Week-End Update: Marchin’ In Like A Lion

Another week of weird weather has come and gone but the weather didn’t stop us from saving more lives and writing some happily ever afters! Brad Pupsley is happy to say that his patience, after spending much of his young life tied up to a tree, has paid off. He’d like to take the Animal Control Officer who came back to check on him for getting him to the vet after noticing that Brad’s leg was badly broken, and then getting him into the safety of rescue after he’d recovered from his surgery. He’d also like to thank his foster parents for teaching him the ins & outs of family life so he was fully prepared when he met his fantastic furever family. He’d like you to know he’s happily settling in and has changed his name to Murphy.

Also adopted this week were: Aloyisious, Carolyn, Charlie, Curtis, Ethel (now Lily), Foles, Jenner, Joseph (now Joey), Justin, Lil’ Kim, Lindsey, Maxine (now Riley), Mr. Dilla,  Raggedy Ann (now Claudia), Sally, Sophia, Sydney, Tex & Wentz.


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